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Life Insurance

Life Insurance Service Life insurance is a basic need for it protects the financial security of your loved ones and yourself. If anyone is reliant on you financially, then you need life insurance. A life insurance policy pays a cash benefit, tax free, to your beneficiaries when you die. The beneficiary amount depends on the […]
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Non-Medical Insurance

Non-Medical Insurance Service There are many reasons as to why someone would decline life insurance due to medical & health issues. Non medical life insurance is specially designed for those people who can’t get life insurance. Statistics shows 4% of life insurance applications in Canada are declined each year due to medical or lifestyle issues. […]
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Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage Insurance Your home or business is normally your biggest asset. Thus, an adequate amount of protection must be enforced in the case of an unfortunate event. Mortgage insurance is very important not only for you & your family but also your assets and net worth. Mortgage insurance pays you the pending mortgage amount in […]
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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Service Unexpected medical treatment is the most expensive hidden cost you can incur whenever you travel for pleasure or business. Travel insurance becomes prudent when protecting yourself or loved ones during your trip. Why do i need Travel Insurance? Government health insurance plans often pay an insignificant amount of money if you are […]
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Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance Statistics show that an increasing number of young Canadians will be diagnosed by critical illnesses. Fortunately, medical technologies have progressed to help people survive these illnesses and live longer. What if it happened to you ? Being diagnosed with a critical illness is a devastating event for many people including your family […]
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Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance If you become disabled, your ability to earn income, pay bills, or save for retirement may be compromised. Our disability insurance plans are designed to help you meet your income requirements so you can concentrate on recovering from your disability and returning to an active life. The peace of mind that income protection […]
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