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Non-Medical Insurance

Non-Medical Insurance Service

There are many reasons as to why someone would decline life insurance due to medical & health issues. Non medical life insurance is specially designed for those people who can’t get life insurance.

Statistics shows 4% of life insurance applications in Canada are declined each year due to medical or lifestyle issues. There are very few financial organizations that can provide non-medical life insurance.


If you have already been declined for life insurance, we’ll be able to take a look at your current health history and your past applications to find the best fit for you from either traditional or non-medical life insurance carriers. If you are hesitant to undergo a doctor’s checkup, there are alternate products that will based your health status on short questionnaire. Throughout the entire process, we will give you our best recommendation and provide the best policy for you.

Applicants can qualify for insurance even with a medical history that includes cancer, heart failure, stroke, insulin treated diabetes, bipolar depression, obesity, alcohol or drug abuse. However, it is better to have your insurance before you are diagnosed with life threatening diseases.

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