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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Service

Unexpected medical treatment is the most expensive hidden cost you can incur whenever you travel for pleasure or business. Travel insurance becomes prudent when protecting yourself or loved ones during your trip.

Why do i need Travel Insurance?

Government health insurance plans often pay an insignificant amount of money if you are sick or injured outside of Canada. You have to pay thousands of dollars for a doctor’s visit or emergency hospital visit in the case you don’t have travel insurance.

travel Insurance

Benefits of Travel Insurance

Provides emergency hospitalization and medical services cost based on your policy
Living expense to insured family members while you are in hospital
Transportation cost to your family member of family in case if you are death or hospitalized.
Dental coverage during your trip
Provide emergency transporation vehicle to admit you to nearest hospital.
Optional benefits such as baggage, accidental death, flight accident, rental car collision depending on policy.

How much does it cost ?

Your Travel Insurance premium is based on:

Your age
How long you'll be away
Your home province
The coverage(s) selected

If you are frequent traveller, you can get great discount on your policy.

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